Floral Freeze Dry

As 2 weeks process with 1 batch quite critical and sensitive because of  your products need the same as  fresh flowers including color, smell, flexible and finally shelf life for more than 10 years. Our research finally finished for researching with an optimize condition. Interesting please contact us.

Vegetable Freeze dried

Keeping fresh vegetable?

Keeping taste? Keeping color?

All the questions we already research for your solution.

Good for restaurant and cooking maker who need a fresh all time.

Ice cream freeze dry

Do you want to eat ice cream when you go for camping with out refrigerator or freezer? Our experiment can assist you for the question. No limit area or place for eat a delicious ice cream, no need any storage.

Pro-biotic and enzyme freeze dry

A healthy product came from organic natural come through dietary supplement for human being or some formula for pets feeding. All products are environment friendly.

Fish, sea foods and meat Freeze Dry

Some industrial such as noodle compound, foods and restuarant , an always fresh for serving need and make more price than other method.

Thai herbs Freeze Dry

Thailand is the most famous of useful herbs, so our researcher have many kind solution for your product both pure product and extraction. Product experiment such as andrographis, curcuma longa linn, etc.

Spirulina Freeze Dry

Spirulina sponge Can be done both pure spirulina sponge or extract spirulina for some application and value added need.

Season fruits freeze dry

As our country is the most famous of fruits and have a big volume export per year, but method for keeping and delivery was so difficult and easy to damage by many factor to make a rejects of goods. We are now develop and try a proper condition for freeze dryer in many products to short cut you to invest in product research and development. Next are our samples for season fruit that we ever done at the right solution.

Please contact us for advices and quote !