Chamber and doors

  • These doors are double hinged to assure correct alignment and sealing against the chamber.
  • The chamber is fitted with AISI304 stainless steel electric operated valve that isolate the vacuum line connection, drain, defrost and vacuum release.
  • The chamber, doors and hinges are constructed in AISI304 stainless steel.
  • The door sealing material is rubber.
  • The hinges will be either left- or right-hand side, to be specify by customer
  • Closing is by mean of quick lock.

Small size (FD8,20)

  • The rectangular shaped chamber has product loading/unloading doors.
  • The doors made from clear acrylic plastic to allow visual monitoring of both vapor condenser and product.
  • The chamber separate the product module and the vapor condenser.

Larger size (FD50,150,300,400,600,800)

  • The cylindrical shaped chamber ahs product loading / unloading doors.
  • The doors has one viewing ports, 180 or 200 mm diameter, AISI 304 stainless steel frame and acrylic windows to allow visual monitoring of both vapor condenser and product.
  • The chamber contains both the product module and the vapor condenser.
  • The doors have and opening angle of 180 degree (provide enough room) or depended on space room and customer layout needed.

Product module and heating plates

The product is placed in trays and loaded onto the heating flat plate module. The ma- chine is capable of freezing product in place on the heat-plates, which can be freeze as well as heated. Alternatively the product can be frozen in a separate freezer . The heat- plates are fabricated from AISI 304 Stainless steel, and have a flat upper and lower side and heating fluid channels on the middle side. Clean-sheet,  the bottom fluid channels and makes the lower side of the heat-plates flat for critical hygiene applications. The heating fluid is piped into headers that connect to sockets in the chamber wall. Quick release connectors and flexible hoses are fitted for ease of removal for cleaning or maintenance of the complete modules.

Vapor condenser

A Vapour condenser was designed as the sizing and capacity of ice trap per 24 hours of each unit.

  • Laboratory Freeze Dryer Wrapped remote condenser type are selected to higher capacities of ice trap. Refrigeration of the coil is by direct expansion valve via thermostatic valve.
  • Pilot to Industrial Freeze Dryer Tube type condenser coil is selected both direct or remote for highly and unlimited of ice trap capacity (depend on length of tube coil and sizing of tube.). Refrigeration of the coil is by direct expansion valve via thermostat valve (automatic expansion valve is an option).

Product trays

The product trays are made of AISI304 stainless steel 1.2 mm thickness and have round corners for case of cleaning. Radius of corners : 3.0 mm. Two sets of trays are includes with the freeze dryer.

Machinery Frame

All the machinery involved with the operating the operating of the freeze dryer is mounted together with  frame. The frame is made from stainless steel or carbon steel sections with powder coating finish (depend on sizing of Freeze Dryer machine).

Vacuum system

The vacuum pump is a two stage rotary vane and with booster for big size. Pump control is via the integrated control system ,with features such as warm-up, condition monitoring.

Heating system

The heat-plates are cooled and heated with a heat transfer fluid. This fluid can be freeze or heated to provide in-place-freezing or heating of the product during the drying cycle. The fluid used to -40°c is silicone M50. A centrifugal pump provides the forced circulation of the heat transfer fluid. An electrical heater directly heats the fluid, freezing is through and intermediate heat exchanger.

Refrigeration system

The refrigeration system cools the heat plates during in-place-freezing , evacuation and early stages of drying. It also cools the vapour condenser during the drying cycle.The compressor/s are normally two stages variable speed screw or semihaematic compressor , the refrigerant used is chlorine free.

Defrost system

Defrosting is by means of water. Heated water defrost is standard in water cooled dryers. Heat  recovery for water heating can be offered as an option when at cooled option is used.

Available Option

Ever effort is made to deliver a custom machine most suitable to the clients needs. Several options are available. Some Options will need engineering to suit the local conditions. Please discuss your exact requirements with Epsilon Co.,Ltd.