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Manufacturing and design

Our team established from an expert engineer for freeze dryer with experience more than 10 years. And capable to produces machine (Freeze Dryer)  scale 8 litres to 1200 litres

Product design

As our solid works team design, we get all requirements integrated with our know how and experience to design as customer need such as space facilities.

Product simulation

In case of sensitive parts  our programming engineer have to input  important parameter to simulate a design process to make sure that all design and production part are at the  optimize.

After a design and simulation process was finished, our production will scheduled.


Delivery with training

We aware about customer need and requirement and our experience found that application for freeze dryer operation so important, so all our machines sole we include our well known training to guarantee that our customer should;

Understanding basically of freeze dryer and application.

Operate freeze drying with well understanding.

Find out parameters to try new products.

First maintenance by themselves.

Our training program

Basic knowledge of freeze dryer.

Optimized condition for freeze dryer.

Manufacturing for freeze dryer.

Engineering theory for freeze dryer.

Course as needed.


Servicing Our team are ready for;

Break down maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Product renovate.


As awareness of investment cost for new entrepreneurs, our company has set some machine for rent as the purpose of

Cost reduction for customer

Product development for customer

Avoid risk for customer at the new business

For research and develop new product

For trial market

For first production at small scale

As our policy we have a standard model for rent as shown below;

FD8  Freeze dryer size 8 kg capacities

For other model or scale please call us for detail


Freeze dry processing Our experience and know how of freeze dry processing for more than 10 years guarantee that all products need will come out at suitable case and at the right condition. We can assist you to short cut your research and development of your product . Our processing Once we get requirement or samples from our customer

We study for requirement by

our paper and testing background if not

Searching for product characteristic

Calculation for some critical point for freeze drying such as freezing point, freezing time, step programming.

Test run as programming

Check out put

Adjust programming (if it should be) and test again.